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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. A house for creative designers of digital graphic design, Our in-house team and a community of designers from all around the world to help small or large start-ups, businesses and Individuals, to build meaningful Identity and graphic design projects..

    49designers, a company build by more than 100 designers we obsessed with results and creatively driven, passionate people who are always looking for a better way to transform opportunity into reality through research, idea, strategy, innovation and design..

    See how it works for more information about our service..

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    Fill out "Request a free quote" form and answer a few simple questions and our team evaluates, discusses and shares the quotations and time estimates..

    Designers create best design and you can give feedback and changes so they know exactly what you need..

    Get unlimited revision and choose the best one with all the source files and copyright and ownership of the design..

  2. You can always get a quote just fill the"Request a free quote" form and answer a few simple questions and our team evaluates, discusses and shares the quotations and time estimates..

  3. No problem! Just let us know a little about your business and we will do the rest. We have over 50+ in-house designers that help you to create your idea very well..

  4. Absolutely! You will receive a free legal contract transferring the design from us and you will own the design 100% and we will never use that concept again..

  5. You will receive Industry standard .PSD vector files so you can enlarge your logo or other design to the size of a billboard or as small as a dime. You will also receive a web and print ready PDF, JPEG, PNG and GIF. You can also request other files if needed at no charge..

  6. Absolutely. You can ask your account manager or designer anytime for guidance, recommendations and assistance. We're here happy to help you..

  7. At 49designers, 50+ in-house designers have the ability to produce any type of design. Many have expertise in more than one category, however, there are more than 15 categories of designs that are offered on the website which some of the categories are mentioned below: Logo design, Stationery design, Business card design, Social media page design, Banner Ad design, Brochure, Poster, Flyer, Packaging design, Label design, T-shirt design, Newsletter design If you are not sure and any of these categories fit for your design project then just order the Other design..

    Services Categories for more information about our services..

  8. You can expect to see first design samples in 3-5 business days. After your selection is made the process is completely up to you. If you respond in a timely manner to revisions, we can have your project done in as little as 3 days. We complete 90% of revisions within the same day they are requested..

  9. A logo design sample is an image produced according to your completed creative brief. Each logo design sample will be its own unique image. It is important that you provide as much direction as possible to help us capture your vision..

  10. A revision is a change in font, change in colour, and change in text/graphic arrangement. If a request is outside of this definition, it is a request for a new sample, thus an additional charge will be implemented..

  11. The number of designs that you receive will depend upon the package that you choose. Your design package may include three unique concepts, with several variations for each, or it could be comprised of up to five to ten or unlimited unique designs with variations. All of these options will be made available to you when you place your order..

  12. We will gladly continue to work and revise your logo designs until you are completely satisfied. Our design team will continue to revise your logo until you are pleased, without adding any extra fees. If we are unable to deliver a design that you would like to use, Your account will be credited your package price less a $50 service and drafting fee (subject to the terms of service)..

  13. No. Illustration projects require much more time than a standard logo design project. If your project requires illustration, or you are unsure if your project requires illustration, please contact us for a quote prior to placing an order..

  14. Generally your printer and web designer will require Adobe file types which include PSD and PDF. You will be supplied with these file types which will allow you to complete any print or web design project you have lined up. You will also be supplied with JPEG, PNG images which you may use immediately in Word documents, Excel, Outlook, etc..

  15. Camera ready files are simply vector files. Some firms use this term to entice you to order - they’re simply vector files..

  16. After your project is finalized your files will be emailed directly to you. This allows you to use the images immediately. At this point you may forward the files to your printer and web designer..

  17. Your final files folder will include vector files (PSD, PDF). Please forward these files to your printer and web designer.

    Simply put, vector files are saved in percentages rather than pixels. This file type allows you to expand or contract the file while retaining its resolution. These files are also saved in layers which allow each individual component to be edited to change the overall composition..

  18. You won’t be able to open the PSD file unless you have Adobe Photoshop. This software is used globally by graphic designers and printers. This file is for your printer and web designer..

  19. After your files are released you have full ownership of the image. Now is a good time to contact your attorney to protect your unique image..

  20. Yes. Many of our design projects are undertaken for large corporations who plan product and company launches months, even years, in advance. In order to work on their projects, we may need access to proprietary information which our clients wish to keep as trade secrets. Accordingly, when we’re asked, we’re more than happy to sign client-supplied non-disclosure agreements or similar contracts. You should also keep in mind that unlike other online companies who charge you a premium to host ‘private’ contests, all design projects at our door is completely private until you’re ready to release your new corporate identity to the world..

  21. No. All our design projects are assigned to the same designers, regardless of the package selected. The difference between the packages is outlined above. We do not give any project preferential treatment – every design created by our in-house designers gets the very best effort we can give it. We want to make you look good, because creating a great design for your company makes us look good too..

  22. Absolutely not. We also don’t use ‘Ready-Made’ logos, recycled logos (rejects from previous design projects) or diy logo generator software. All our logos are build with unique ideas, by hand, from the ground up..

  23. The finished logos can be easily uploaded to a website using a web-ready file that we provide. We save the logos using multiple common formats, making it easy to display them on print materials and merchandise. Many clients choose to use the logos on print advertisements, shirts, stationary, cups, and many other materials..


  1. Since every project is unique, we could not possibly set fixed prices for our services. To get an idea of the pricing, check out our Price page. Also, feel free to Get a free Quote for your own project at any time. No obligations!

  2. We specialize in Logo, Template, Brochure, App design, Print, PSD to HTML and approx all type of graphic design work. Additionally you can check more info at Our Services page.

  3. We are a small team of 50+ in-house designers and we have a community of designers from all around the world who we work with to consistently produce high quality designs.

  4. Fill one of the forms on our website - Request a free quote or Contact Us. You can also send us an email -

  5. Our estimate timeframes are based on the project size and complexity..

  6. We offer unlimited revisions until you 100% love our work..

  7. We believe that prompt and clear communication is essential for a successful project. That’s why we connect every customers with designers who that handles their projects..

  8. Yes. We have completed design projects for companies around the globe, and often work with clients from the USA, Canada, Germany, and many other countries..


  1. We accept payments via PayPal. If this kind of payment is not acceptable for you, you can always contact us at and we’ll find payment method convenient for you..

  2. There’s no need in this kind of payment because we have a satisfaction guarantee - if for some reason you don’t like the design concepts we provide for your future logo or other design service than we’ll refund your full payment. Payment by instalments is available on demand but the price will be 50% higher. Full prepayment guarantees our low prices..

  3. We generally accept 100% upfront but require a 50% upfront payment for order value more than $800. and you pay rest 50% after we complete the project and you’re happy with it..

  4. We use USD (United States Dollars)..

  5. We offer custom discounts based on project complexity. For large scale projects we provide significant custom discounts and great delivery adjustments. Contact us with the design previews attached. The price discount is provided once we investigate your designs and requirements..


  1. Yes, send it along and we will sign it..

  2. We will not publish anything/anywhere without your prior permission. Everything we discuss is kept secure..

  3. We do not claim rights on anything you’ve paid for. It’s all yours..

  4. There is no risk. If you check out our sample section you will find that all the samples posted there are designed by 49designers team and took permission to put on our portfolio section..